save money while travelling

How WTFARES is helping people save money while travelling?

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Save Money While Travelling

1. The only Indian Website to offer FREE Cancellations on all domestic airlines

Years ago, when people called WTFARES stupid to enter an already overcrowded travel space, little did they know that WTFARES will go onto to become India’s first and only travel website to offer FREE Cancellation on all domestic airlines.

While other travel companies charge Rs. 225 as the bare minimum “convenience fee”, WTFARES takes as low as Rs 125 (Travel Premium) & gives you the freedom to cancel your flights an ZERO cost and help you to save money while travelling.

CATCH: Refund to be used only at WTFARES (Read Terms here)

2. Lowest Convenience FEE model

WTFARES offers all product & services at a strikingly low Convenience fee in comparison to all other websites. Let us say you book a flight online which is for Rs 2300, at the payment page, you will be charged a sweet Rs 250, which is as high as 12%. Whereas, on wtfares, all you pay is 2% irrespective of the price, and the number of passengers. So a 2300 fare carries a convenience fee of Rs 46.

WTFARES has always believed in being efficient and profitable, instead of finding you ways to bring cashbacks we’ve zeroed down a model, which works out to be the cheapest at all times.

All airfares are by default under FREE Cancellation* else, if your plans are fixed we encourage you to use our promocode WTFNOCON

3. Holidays with WTFARES!

Being an aggregator, wtfares has specialised service offering and tremendous experience to mix and match the best of online and offline prices.

WTFARES has no binding & gives travellers unlimited choices at variable prices. Taking hotel prices through various online channels, as well as through suppliers based out of that country that have pre-purchased inventories, makes our Holiday plans almost unbeatable in comparison to other travel companies that have limited and generalised approach!

Some of our specialised tours include, Seychelles Tours, Seychelles Honeymoon, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Taiwan, Turkey, Jordan to name a few.

4. Non Refundable Fares are refundable on WTFARES!

The truth is, there is no such thing as non-refundable. It is only a classification for the airlines’ fare rule. Even non-refundable fares would get you most of the taxes back! & that’s what most of the Online travel companies hide from you!

Missed a flight? You still get some money back. So next time you book online evaluate an Online Travel Company on the basis of all offerings,

  • Fare Rules,
  • Cancellation Policy,
  • Convenience Fee,
  • Customer Service accessibility.

5. Ever heard of a Cashback post booking?

WTFARES combines various efforts into fetching some of the best deals, & in one such process of hotel booking, they use another propitiatory hotel booking platform that searches for the same hotel, same room night, until your check in, across various channels online and offline.

There have been numerous occasions when wtfares has given travellers a cash back, or an upgrade to a better room, or a grade above hotel!