Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

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Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Booze and dance, the evening can be summed up in just two words, like any other party, but what makes the full moon bash of Koh Phangan so creatively unique to book a spot on almost everyone’s to-do list? Many travelers do not leave Thailand without participating in the craziness of the exotic event that takes place every month. Some people come from afar just to attend the party and shred off their sobriety until they are compelled off to their regular lives.



Full Moon Party Koh Phangan takes place in Haad Rin Beach, the biggest beach in the Island. Although the idea behind the bash mainly constitutes of shimmering of bodies under light or dark effects of alcohol, it offers much more than that. The whole place consists of beachfront clubs offering a diversity in music that gets your feet to jiggle on their own. There is no restriction or boundaries and anyone can dance anywhere, anyhow for the whole night. DJs come from all over the world to perform and ravish the already pumped up crowd in neon colors and skin paint (definitely not to miss). There is a club that offers a chance to shake a leg with fire, and that is not even a pun. Fireworks are the cherries on top of a huge Island-sized cake, adding to the already blazed atmosphere. Apart from all this, there is a quiet zone where people can rest if they are tired or lost in their philosophical stage of drunkenness.

The pre-full moon bash is also as happening as the main one. The island turns into a party queen around the time of the full moon. Its almost as if everyone’s unleashing the werewolf within.

The Island has a spiritual touch and serenity to it, but one day of every month, it relaxes a bit and goes all hipster under the bright moon. The whole atmosphere becomes almost as hilariously tempting as the macarena from Hotel Transylvania 3.



The night is all about Alcohol, party, and dancing and it calls for a serious list of Do’s and Don’ts

  • Drugs are illegal in Thailand and there is going to be a lot of that in the party. Keep this in mind before getting ahead with anything. Also, undercover police cops may try to trick you into buying drugs and arrest you later. Most people go there to enjoy and end up stuck in the legal affairs of courts.
  • Booze in the party can be pretty expensive, buy alcohol beforehand and take it with you in the party. It is allowed to carry your own alcohol in the event.
  • There is an entry fee of 100 Baht (220 INR), charged for after party cleaning.
  • Carry some extra money for using the Bathrooms, as there is a pay to use the system. You will have to pay some 15- 20 Baht (Around 40 INR).
  • Do NOT bring any valuables, especially your passport and other important documents with you. Aside from the blithe atmosphere, there is also lively stealing and the last thing you want is to be stranded and lost on the littered beach with a massive hangover.
  • There are lots of broken shards of glass spread around the beach so watch your feet unless you want to especially break- dance on the glass.
  • Don’t get drunk too soon, you have the whole night left for a whole lot of activities. Many people are seen lying on the beach just as the party is getting started.
  • Don’t go to the full moon party alone. The island will be full of strangers and many will try to take advantage of you.
  • Avoid the ocean and the temptation of a midnight swim, especially when you are not completely sober.
  • This advice has been handed down by the ancestors and now off to you, DON’T ACCEPT DRINKS FROM STRANGERS, being drugged and tricked is the last thing you want to happen to you
  • Carry an emergency first aid kit with you, just in case you couldn’t resist hugging the fire. There have been many cases of people getting burned from one of the fire activities out of their own stupidity.
  • Don’t drink too much that you can’t even recognize anything. Enjoy yourself but don’t be completely impulsive and ignorant.
  • Ease on the bucket, they may not look strong but they rush to your heads so fast that in no time you get uncontrollably drunk.
  • Don’t take your moped or motor scooters down the beach. Use taxis.
  • Skip the jump rope activity unless you are completely sober and completely sure of yourself.
  • You will need to hydrate yourself, all through the event. Drink a lot of water, especially after the event.
  • Buy alcohol from shops instead of the street vendors and always check for the seal.

The full Moon Bash is something one should definitely not miss. The atmosphere is too charged up and everyone has a blast. You just need to exercise some caution where it is obvious and not let the booze hamper with your common sense. It is not for nothing the party is singled out for bucket lists in almost every person’s list.


Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Dates 2019

Monday 21 January 2019.

Wednesday 20 February 2019.

Wednesday 20 March 2019.

Friday 19 April 2019.

Sunday 19 May 2019.

Monday 17 June 2019.

Thursday 18 July 2019.

Thursday 15 August 2019.

Friday 13 September 2019

Monday 14 October 2019

Monday 11 November 2019

Wednesday 11 December 2019


Some useful Info ..

Kon Phangan Island

Koh Phan Gan is situated in the south-east part of the country in the Gulf of Thailand. Belonging to the Samui Archipelago Group of Islands, it is the fifth biggest Island of the country. Lying 47 Km South to Koh Tao and 12 Km North to Koh Samui, it is one of the most visited places in Thailand. It has an area of 125 sq. km that hosts one of the most exuberant Full moon parties, attracting almost 30,000 tourists and travelers across the world.



The mountainous region is enveloped by white sandy beaches and emerald with wilderness in its heart. More than half of its area is designated as a national park. Any classic Island stories, the mermaid, Don Quixote (minus the slavery of course), the lost from world Island romance and the most captivating Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, can be spun here into a roleplay surrounded by its exquisite beauty.



The Island has different areas, each furnishing something new and different.

Thong Sala is more commercially- centric and a good place to visit if you want to shop or eat. The street market at night is a major attraction here and definitely not to miss. This is also the main disembarkment point of many ferries and boats, the other being Haad Rin. A police station is just outside the area and there are plenty of ATMs and banks for a traveler’s needs. Baan Tai and Haad rin are the party areas especially known for their nightlife. Many backpackers crash there for cheap stay-ins, hippie shops, and affordable eats. The tri-bay (Haad Thien/Whynam/Haad Yuan) area with its mild nightlife and laidback vibes also offers a visual treat surrounded by cliffs and wilderness. It’s a must visit although comparatively expensive than the other areas. The island also has two villages, (Thong Nai Pan Noi/Thong Nai Pan Yai) perfect for a trip with the family. Quite secluded and lost in itself, the area has a decent atmosphere with not many parties and craziness. Bottle beach is idle if you want to shut everyone out and spend some time with yourself. Reserved and distant, with not much in the name of nightlife or loud music and noise. Chaloklum village is the primary fishing village and that is exactly the kind of vibe you will get in the Chaloklum beach. The place is beautifully crafted with yellow and slightly coarser sand. There are many seafood restaurants for a delightful meal. Haad Salad and Mae Haad are family friendly areas and stunning beaches. Sri Thanu is the yoga-centered place with its yoga and tantra schools, and more spiritual in nature.



The island’s climatic structure is such as; there is a Heavy monsoon phase, hot monsoon phase that is just summer with many small showers and a dry season.

That being said, the island has a tropical monsoon climate with its extreme monsoons and considerable dryness.


Dry Season: Late December to February. Around this time, it is recommended to visit as the weather is mild and breezy. This is also the peak time of the year and it is packed with tourists from all around so advance booking of accommodation and the other necessities should be done.


Hot Season: March to August is the hot phase of the Island. Humidity rises with a considerable rise in the temperatures, almost going over 30 degrees. There are frequent rains, sometimes heavy but not lasting for a long time.


Terrible rains: The Rainy Season lasts from September to November. Downpour follows the hotter climate and rises in humidity as the south-west monsoon winds strike the islands. This time period is usually avoided as the heavy rainfalls often disrupt the technical touristic aspects like transportation.



It is mandatory for Indians to acquire Visa before visiting Thailand.

You can apply for a visa before the visitor it can also be obtained on arrival. You will need a passport size photo, passport, return tickets within 15 days of entry, visa fee (2000 Baht- 4371 INR), proof of funds (Around 10,000 Baht per person, and 20,000 per family) and proof of accommodation. If you wish to stay longer than 15 days then you have to apply for another visa. The Visa on arrival allows the passport holders only if they meet the set requirements. The visa should be strictly for tourism purposes, the passport should be valid for 30 days, and the rest are specified above. The Visa on arrival can only be extended for seven days.



Internet cafes would be there around the Island or in the hotel, also you will find good wireless networks. Most cafes provide free wifi to their customers. Many affordable and cheap resorts also provide the facility of free wifi.


Post office

The main post office is in Thong Sala and a sub-branch is in Haad Rin. They remain closed on Sunday and public holidays. On weekdays they are open from 8:30 to 4:30 and on Saturday till 12:30 in the afternoon.



You can book your tickets through 12goAsia, Expedia, make my trip or whatever site you prefer to choose.

Getting to the Island:

Flights – Take a flight from India preferably from Mumbai to Bangkok. Make sure to book at least a month in advance.

There is no Airport in Koh Phan Gan, therefore travelers have to take a ferry and disembark on the Island. You can catch a flight from Bangkok, to either Koh Samui or Surat Thani and from there you can take a ferry to Kon Phangan. This, however, gets expensive, especially when you have a habit of counting penny after penny. Although, if you are under a time constraint, then the flight is a suitable option to consider. Go for a cheaper mode of the airline if you have to get to the place via a flight.

The airport at Koh Samui is under the control of Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways. Consequently, the traveling is expensive here (around 3600 Baht, can escalate to 5000 Baht during peak times like new year) From there you have to take a taxi to Big Buddha Pier and from there a ferry to Haad Rin Beach. Fly to Surat Thani and take a ferry from there, the flight will cost around 2000 Baht and it is considerably cheap.

    Train– You can take a train from Bangkok to Koh Samui or Surat Thani and then sail to Koh Phangan. Bangkok to Koh Samui journey will cost around 1500 Baht, the train will take you to Surat Thani and you will have to take a ferry to Koh Samui from there. There will be no wifi, water, evening meal, snacks, a place to store your luggage or power supply included in your journey.

    Bus– There are direct buses from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. It costs around 1500 Baht including the ferry ride from Surat Thani. This is an overnight journey from Bangkok to Surat Thani and from there you have to take a ferry to the island. From Surat Thani, there is a couple of hours bus ride to Donsak Pier from where you can board the ferry to Kon Phangan.

   Boats/ Ferries– From Surat Thani, round-trip tickets cost 600 baht and you disembark at the main pier in Thong Sala. From Koh Samui, the boat leaves from Buddha Pier or Maenam Beach and costs 200 Baht.

  Combos– There are many bus+ferry, Train+ferry, Flight+ ferry combos that you can opt for to reach Koh Phangan.

                                                                           Ferry boat 




 Full Moon Party Koh Phangan



Getting around the Island

You can rent motorbikes for around 200 Baht per day on KonPhanganmotorbikes.com and drive around the town. Check for the scratches on the bikes beforehand so that you don’t get tricked by the locals on the Island into paying for any damages you haven’t done. You can also use taxis, motorbike taxis and ferries to get around the Island. You can also opt for car hire, usually a safer option than the motorbike. You can rent a car on my hut rental or Kon Phangan car hire. They will ask for your passport at the time of paperwork, and if you return the car damaged, they won’t give your passport back until you pay the fine. As for the local taxis, Songathew is s small pick up truck that picks people from anywhere along the route. It can seat about 10 people and the fare is around 100-350 Baht.



Accommodation depends entirely on the way you style your trip. You decide the kind of trip you want, your budget and whether you want to check out other places after or before the full moon party. Either ways, there are many places to stay as per your requirement.

If you arrive at the island a few days before the party, book your room beforehand. The full moon party is a peak time and hotels and hostels start getting full 4-5 days beforehand.

If you visit the Island especially for the full moon bash, it is advisable to stay near or at the Haad Rin Beach, where the party will eventually take place.



Budget Hotels (1000-5000 INR)

Coconut Beach resort and spa, Had Rin

Beck’s resort, Nai wok Bay

Dreamland resort, Tambon Ban Tai

Coast resort, Rin nai beach

Sunset cove, Ao Chao-Phao

Rainbow Bungalows, Ban Tai


Hostels (500- 1000 INR)

Na- Tub Hostel, Thong sala

See Sea Backpackers, Ban Tai

Roadtrip Hostel, Haad rin

Smile Hostel, Ban Tai

Phanganist Hostel, Ban Tai

Echo beach backpackers, Ban Tai


Luxury Hotels and Resorts (Above 5000 INR)

Kup Kupu, Naiwok

Anantara Rasananda, Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach

Panviman Resort, Thong Nai Pan Noi Bay

Santhiya resort and spa, Ban tai district

Ping Chan resort, Thong Nai Pan Yai

Chantaramas Resort, Ban Tai

Buri Rasa Resort,  Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach


If you only want to attend the Full moon party and are looking to discard the option of staying at Koh Phangan, then you can take a ferry from Koh Samui and reach the Island by dusk. You can take part in the activities and fun that the Bash entails and leave for Koh Samui in the morning. Many people do this but it is quite a hustle especially around the full moon bash, long waiting hours, hyped prices and boiled up the mood. It is recommended to stay a few days in Kon Phangan before the bash.


Food and Drinks

Both budgeted and fine dining has a reputation of being famous in their tastes. Food markets, bars, exquisite Thai food; this Island is a treat for foodies!!

On the eve of Full moon


The average Thai meal costs around 120 Baht (262 INR), and average European meal costs around 200 baht (440 INR). Food is not cheap in Haad Rin, though low-priced food is sold on the beach for 40-50 Baht (Around 100- 110 INR).

There are vendors all around the beach if you want to eat snacks or munchies after all the dance and booze. In fact, these munchies and snacks will help you stay on your feet until the morning.



There is an abundance of alcohol, especially for the event. Beer costs for 80- 100 Baht, considerably cheaper, if you buy from anywhere away from the beach.

Bucket costs around 200 Baht. This is served in literal buckets filled with ice, an energy drink, a can of soda, a 300 ml bottle of liquor and some straws.

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Some of the top places to eat

  • Food market in Thong Sala
  • Fisherman’s restaurant and bar (Thai and seafood)
  • Valentino, an Italian restaurant and bar
  • Bite Delight (Portuguese)
  • Crave restaurant (American)
  • Paprika (Israeli)

There are also various options for vegetarians and vegans in the Island. Vegan heaven, Capana restaurant and Karma Café are some of the good options.


Some of the must-visit bars are, Amsterdam Bar, Soho, freeway bar, jam bar each infamous and bound to get your mood high


Other Activities

There are plenty of other activities aside from the full moon party that are equally engaging.

  • Diving at Sail Boat (Right in the middle of Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, dive to reach below the water!!)
  • Delicious treats at Thongsala night market (Almost all kinds of food)
  • Challenge Phangan (Water based obstacles)
  • Half moon Party (Jungle mysteries)
  • New moon Party (More party)
  • Hiking around Khao ra (Because hiking never stops being fun and because of Khao ra)
  • Ang Thong National Park (an archipelago of 42 islands, beautiful and scenic and worth a visit)
  • Phaeng waterfall (located in Thansadej National park, largest and one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Island)
  • C&M study centre (Learn to cook traditional thai food)
  • Baan Tai herbal Sauna (Relax!!!!)
  • Plenty of water sports (Splash splash splash!!)

And much more…….

Full Moon Party Koh PhanganFull Moon Party Koh Phangan


What to bring

Apart from the obvious money, clothes and undergarments; Swimwear and raincoats are the must as you will be going to swim in the water. Even if you don’t plan to (that is stupid) one of your friends are bound to throw you in the water. Also carry a jumper as it can get cold in the night especially in December. Carry all the necessary documents including your license and don’t forget your shoes at home.  Bring an emergency first aid kit, some emergency snacks. Lastly, don’t forget to take your brains especially during the party hours.

Koh Phangan Vs Koh Phi Phi

Thailand is one country that sure knows how to throw a party. There are many places that host full moon parties apart from Koh Phangan.

The full moon party at Koh Phi Phi is a less grandeur affair compared to that of Koh Phangan, not many revellers know about it or go there, as many prefer to crash over at Koh Phangan. Koh Phi Phi seems comparatively quieter than Koh Phangan though the party itself isn’t some amateur new charm. It has its own appeal like every other party. It is almost similar to Koh Phangan in construct but a lot of crazy things and activities like snorkeling, fire stunts, partying on the party ship and much more than the make the full moon party at Phi Phi a different experience. While Koh Phangan is something definitely not to miss, Koh Phi Phi isn’t that far back in line.

As far as comparison is concerned, Full Moon Party Koh Phangan is the ultimate affair and people come from far off places, sometimes just for that.

Every person has different experiences and some may like Koh Phi Phi better, while others may head for Koh Phangan


Summing Up

The Full Moon Party Koh Phangan is one of the most happening events in the world, so don’t think too much and get your bosom on the island. You will have the most amazing time making new friends, trying new cuisines and splashing all around the Island.

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park China

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Tour


DAY – 1

Arrive in Zhangjiajie. Upon arriving in Zhangjiajie Airport by CZ3381. 23:00/+00:40, met and transferred hotel.


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park


DAY – 2


On 07:00 am Breakfast at the hotel. 08:00 Pick up and transfer to 09:30 Visit Jiutian Cave.

(Jiutian Cave in Zibo City, Shandong Province, is in the center of the Yiyuan Karst Cave. In this fairy-tale world, every prospect is made of stone and created by the exquisite craftsmanship and boundless imagination of nature.) 

11:00 Maoyan River Cruise

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Transfer to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.

(In Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, the plunging waterfalls, the dense trees, the fresh air, and the mist on the stream make you feel like you are in an otherworldly sort of place.)

15:30 Visit the Glass Bridge.

(Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon skywalk is 430 meters (470 yards) long, 6 meters (6.6 yards) wide and 300 meters (985 feet) high, the longest and highest glass bridge in the world. It provides a superb panorama of the entire Grand Canyon. Standing on it is like floating in the air. Come and have a try if you are brave enough. There is also a rope line nearby, which surely excites your nerves.)

16:30 Transfer to Baofeng Lake

17:00 Visit Baofeng Lake

(Baofeng Lake is about 20 km (12.5 mi) southeast of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It is a calm lake surrounded by mountains covered with trees.It is one of the few relaxing attractions in Zhangjiajie. Baofeng Lake is in a basin created by the terrain in the middle of the mountainous area. Green trees and stone peaks of various shapes surround the lake.

At the lake, you can take a boat ride for 30 minutes. It is a leisurely experience as you boat on the clear water, see the reflection of the marvelous stone peaks and green trees, and enjoy entertainment by the local minority people as they sing their traditional songs.)

18:30 Dinner at hotel overnight stay.Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

DAY – 3


08:00 Pick up and transfer to Zhangjiajie.

08:30 Hike along the Golden Whip Stream.

(Golden Whip Stream Scenic Area is a golden tourist area in Zhangjiajie with a total length of 5,700 meters. Located in the east of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Golden Whip Stream (Jinbian Stream) is famous for its pristine water, its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs and its serene valley. As a veritable “paradise” for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses. And it is also a kingdom of animals.)

09:30 Transfer and take cable car to Yangjiajie
10:30 Visit Yangjiajie

(Yangjiajie Scenic Area, the fourth subsection of Wulingyuan Scenic area (it was actually created last, after the three other subsections of Wulingyuan came into existence), is located northwest of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and southwest of Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve)

11:30 Take a shuttle bus to Tianzi Mt.

12:00 Visit Tianzi Mt. (Often surrounded by mist, the abruptly rise up from the tree-covered ground below to create a landscape like no other. These 21 square miles of mountain landscape located inside the Wulinyuan Scenic Area amid Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the Hunan Province of China truly represent one of the most unique formations on Earth.)

13:00 Take a shuttle bus to Yuanjiajie

14:00 Lunch at Avatar Restaurant

15:00 Visit Yuanjiajie

16:30 Take cable car down to Ten-mile Gallery

17:00 Visit Ten-mile Gallery. (Ten-mile Natural Gallery has picturesque scenery, beautiful flowers and a hundred birds contend in singing. The sceneries in this scenic area have strange shapes. The quartz sandstone peaks hidden in the clouds changes a lot which looks like people, God, immortal, forest, birds or beasts.)

18:30 Transfer to Wulingyuan for dinner.

19:30 Transfer downtown Zhangjiajie overnight stay.


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

DAY – 4


08:30 Pick up and transfer to visit Tianmen Mt. (is one of the world’s most beautiful mountains. To ride in one of the world’s longest cable cars, walk the narrow, plank paths attached to vertical cliffs, walk on the glass skywalk, and climb the 999 steps to Heaven’s Door.Tianmen Mountain is located in Zhangjiajie, in the Hunan Province of China. Most people travel to Zhangjiajie to visit Zhangjiajie National Park, where the landscape served as the inspiration for the movie “Avatar.”)

13:30 Lunch at the hotel.

19:30 Enjoy the show Fox Fairy.

(is a large-scale real-scene musical drama that originated from a traditional Chinese fairy tale, which shows a love story between a fox fairy and a woodsman. The love story was widespread throughout locals and all Chinese. The performance area is located in the 5 km long valley of Tianmen Mountain, 8 km from Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province.)

Dinner at hotel.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

DAY – 5

Zhangjiajie – Guangzhou

06:00 Pick up and transfer to the airport for your flight CZ3382(0735/0915).

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Things To Do In Turkey

Things To Do In Turkey

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Things To Do In Turkey


Pressed to the overflow with antiquated landmarks left over from a procession of heroes. And blessed with grandstand view that never neglects to awe Turkey is an astonishing goal that straddles Asia and Europe. You are looking for adventure here, dynamic culture celebrated nourishment and huge history. While we think Things To Do In Turkey, great scenes from the sun-doused Mediterranean to the relentless mountains and dry steppe-are features in themselves.

Regardless of whether you need to slurp up the Byzantine and Ottoman wonders of Istanbul on a city break, laze on the shoreline, dive into history meandering through vestiges. For example, Ephesus, or see a portion of the world’s most dreamlike scenes in Pamukkale and Cappadocia, this nation has attractions in abundance. For more thoughts on things to see and things to do in Turkey, read our rundown of the top vacation spots in Turkey.

1. Aya Sofya


Things To Do In Turkey

First things to do in Turkey is visiting Aya Sofia. A prestigious as a standout amongst the most lovely structures on the planet, the hypnotizing Byzantine brilliance of the Aya Sofya Museum (Hagia Sophia) isn’t just a solitary one of the top activities in Istanbul, yet in addition in Turkey.

The amazing greater part of its outside is rimmed by the fragile minarets included after the Ottoman triumph, while the lavish and enormous frescoed inside is a terrific notice of old Constantinople’s strength and power. This acclaimed landmark is an absolute necessity to accomplish for each traveler visiting the nation.


2. Ephesus


Things To Do In Turkey

Second things to do in Turkey is to visit Ephesus. Not to be missed, the powerful ruin of Ephesus is a city of titanic landmarks and marble-sectioned streets. A standout amongst the most total, as yet standing Roman urban communities in the Mediterranean district, this is the spot to encounter what life probably been similar to amid the brilliant age of the Roman Empire.

A touring trip here will take at any rate a large portion of multi-day to cover the significant features. And more, on the off chance that you truly need to investigate, so ensure you plan your visit so you don’t feel hurried.


3. Cappadocia


Things To Do In Turkey

Third things to do in Turkey is to visit Cappadocia. The strange, swooping rock valleys of Cappadocia are each picture taker’s fantasy. Bluff edges and slope peaks are home to undulating scenes of wave-like shake or wacky-molded zeniths that have been framed by centuries of wind and water activity.

What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t have a craving for climbing for the perspectives, this is one of the world’s top goals to take a tourist balloon ride. On the off chance that the lunar-scape isn’t sufficient to entice you, settled in these valleys are the frescoed shake cut places of worship of the Byzantine Era when this region was an imperative early Christian site.

4. Topkapi Palace

Things To Do In Turkey

Lavish mind-boggling, the Topkapi Palace brings you into the fantastical, rich universe of the sultans. It was from here that the sultans of the Ottoman Era cut out a realm that would stretch out up into Europe and down through the Middle East and into Africa.

The insides, with their debauchedly abundant tiling and rich jeweled stylistic layout, are a life-changing look into the Ottoman’s influence base. The encompassing open patio nurseries were previously the sole area of the Royal Court yet are presently open to the general population and give a peaceful, green reprieve from the city lanes.



Things To Do In Turkey

Fifth things to do in Turkey is to visit Pamukkale. A standout amongst Turkey’s most popular regular ponders the unadulterated white travertine porches of Pamukkale (“Cotton Castle” in English) course down the slant resembling a strange snowfield in the midst of the green scene. In spite of the fact that the travertines are themselves a feature of a Turkey trip, the huge and meandering remains of Roman Hierapolis, an old spa town, lie on the highest point of this calcite slope, giving another motivation to visit.
For the best photos, come at nightfall when the travertines sparkle as the sun sinks underneath the skyline.


6. Sumela Monastery


Things To Do In Turkey

With its shocking, desolate setting, incorporated with a bluff face, Sumela (Monastery of the Virgin Mary) is the star fascination for guests along the Black Sea Coast. Meandering around this surrendered religious complex, with its congregation insides packed with stunning and dynamic frescoes, is an unquestionable requirement for any individual who makes the long voyage to Turkey’s upper east district.

The religious community initially opened amid the Byzantine period and was just shut in 1923. Today, meandering its unfilled cells, it’s anything but difficult to envision the disconnected existences of the priests who once lived here.


7. Mount Nemrut


Things To Do In Turkey

The top touring drawcard for Eastern Turkey, Mount Nemrut’s summit funerary hill is dispersed with the broken leftovers of once mammoth statues, which watched it. This unusual and forlorn spot must be a standout amongst Turkey’s most exceptional archeological destinations. The goliath stone heads of long-overlooked divine beings gaze out from the summit, throwing a scary air over the infertile peak. The opportunity to arrive is at dawn, so you can watch the statues as they loom out of the dim.

8. Ani


Things To Do In Turkey

The neglected structures of the ground-breaking Silk Road city of Ani sit deserted on the fields near Turkey’s cutting edge outskirt with Armenia. When the Armenian capital, Ani’s brilliant age reached an end in the fourteenth century after Mongol attacks, seismic tremor devastation, and exchange course tussling all had their impact in the city’s decay.

The excellent red-block structures as yet disintegrating without end in the midst of the steppe grass mesmerizingly affect all who visit. Try not to miss the Church of the Redeemer or the Church of St. Gregory, with their intricate stone workmanship and fresco remainders still noticeable.

9. Aspendos


Things To Do In Turkey

Ninth things to do in Turkey is to visit Aspendos. Only south of Antalya, the stunning mammoth main part of the Roman Theater of Aspendos praises the grandeur and service of Marcus Aurelius’ standard. Considered the best enduring case of an established age theater as yet remaining on the planet, it is one of the times long past’s star attractions.

Despite the fact that the auditorium is the primary explanation behind a visit here-and for most guests on a half-day trip from close-by Antalya or Side, the performance center is all they see there are more demolishes to investigate over an immense uneven zone in the event that you have time.

10. Cruising the Mediterranean


Things To Do In TurkeyTurkey’s Mediterranean coastline has ruins aplenty and numerous activities, however, for some individuals, it’s tied in with drenching up the sun while getting a charge out of the dazzling seaside sees.

Cruising on a yacht is the main action for guests to Bodrum and Fethiye for a valid justification. The lofty backwoods clad slants shrouded bays donning modest white-sand shorelines, and several dissipated islands are the ideal spot for investigating via ocean. Indeed, even diehard sod huggers will be awed.

A standout amongst the most renowned excursions is known as the “Blue Cruise” and goes from Fethiye south down the coast until landing close Olympus, home to the well known common marvel of the Chimera.

11. Pergamum


Things To Do In Turkey

Turkey has a wealth of Greco-Roman vestiges, yet none can be so impractically put as old Pergamum in present-day Bergama. When home to one of the old world’s most vital libraries, Pergamum’s residual sanctuary remainders presently direct drastically on a ridge.

It’s a staggeringly environmental spot to investigate, with an Acropolis territory and a performance center cut into the slope with clearing all-encompassing perspectives from its top seating levels. This is an extraordinary spot to visit in the event that you need to get a genuine vibe for life in the Roman period.

12. Ölüdeniz


Things To Do In Turkey

Outlandishly turquoise-blue water. Check. Rich green timberland tumbling down a bluff to a white-sand shoreline. Check. The protected channel of Ölüdeniz is a Turkey’s most celebrated shoreline and short adventure from Fethiye. And with the landscape that should have tumbled off an ideal postcard, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why its fame hasn’t faded.

In the event that the shoreline becomes excessively busy, it’s an ideal opportunity to take to the skies and experience the dazzling flying perspectives on a couple of paragliding jump off the summit of compelling Babadag Mountain, which ascends behind the shore. Gracious, did we notice that Ölüdeniz would one say one is of the world’s top paragliding goals? We can’t miss this thing To Do In Turkey on tour.

13. Antalya


Things To Do In Turkey

This clamoring Mediterranean center has something for everybody. The two shorelines outside of town are sun-sloth paradise in summer and pull in holidaymakers from crosswise over Europe.this is must Things To Do In Turkey on tour.

While the Old Town, cozy right in the focal point of the town, with its cobblestone back streets rimmed by creaky Ottoman-time chateaus, is a great spot to investigate. The Antalya Museum is famous as one of the nation’s ideal, with an amazing accumulation of Hellenistic and Roman marble statuary, and there are sacks of attractions outside of town from Aspendos and Perge to the town of Side, making this a fabulous base to investigate the district.

14. Safranbolu


Things To Do In Turkey

Turkey’s best-saved Ottoman town is an impressively photogenic spot of thin winding rear ways packed with finely reestablished wooden houses. Which were before the home of rich traders and now have been changed into boutique inns and eateries.

There’s little to really do nearby. Rather, this is a spot to just walk the boulevards and respect the old world environment. It’s likewise known for its customary desserts and makes and there are a lot of adorable shops where you can get an extraordinary keepsake. In case you’re touring the countryside inland from Istanbul, this is a phenomenal spot to stop-off throughout the evening and experience the notable feeling.

15. Patara Beach


Things To Do In Turkey

With such a long Mediterranean coastline, there’s a shoreline for each kind of sun admirer in Turkey. However, Patara is among its most well-known swathes of sand. Trailing for 18 kilometers along the shoreline. The shoreline offers a lot of room. So even in the tallness of summer you can, in any case, locate a calm spot far from the groups.

Adding to the experience, simply behind the sand, are the immense remnants of Ancient Patara, which incorporate a colonnaded road. Reestablished bouleuterion (the parliament of the city). A venue that sat 5,000 individuals.

When you have had your fill of sun, sand, swimming, meander behind the sand ridges and investigate the disintegrating leftovers of this once prosperous Lycian city. Patara has effectively come from the two Kas and Fethiye.

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Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck Austria – Capital of the Alps

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Innsbruck Austria – Capital of the Alps


Innsbruck Austria


Alpine, urban and imperial are the three keywords when it comes to Innsbruck and if you want an authentic travel experience make sure to add at least one activity to each of these words. This way you get the best out of the city AND the mountains.

City adventures and mountain encounters. New heights and special experiences. Cultural treasures and natural wonders. Innsbruck, the Capital of the Alps, delights with its unique wealth of wonderful attractions between 574 and 2,350 metres above sea level.


Alpine-urban, sporty, dynamic and cosmopolitan yet charming, strong and traditional – Innsbruck is a city with exceptional appeal.


Innsbruck Austria offers diverse cultural events, world-famous attractions, exciting city tours, great highlights in the centre and surrounding mountains, genuine hospitality, modern lifestyle and sporting flair.


Experience the real Tyrol in a place where the Alps are close enough to touch. An exceptional setting where city, culture and nature come together to delight anyone who wants to explore, enjoy and be inspired. Nowhere else are alpine experiences and urban joie de vivre so closely connected.


Welcome to Innsbruck Austria, the Capital of the Alps.




Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck Austria offers a unique mosaic of cultural history: the city has been shaped by the past but still continues to evolve with the times. Today, the magnificent and imperial historic buildings in the city centre meet attractive and groundbreaking modern landmarks. Several of Innsbruck’s buildings are world famous, for example the Bergisel Ski Jump by Zaha Hadid and the Golden Roof.


City highlights also include the Imperial Palace and the Tirol Panorama Museum, as well as the Court Church, Ambras Castle, the City Tower, St. James’ Cathedral, Wilten Abbey Basilica and Maria Theresien Street – all are well worth a visit!




Getting from the city to the slopes is quick and easy. Skiing, snowboarding, freeriding on the Nordkette, tobogganing, winter hiking, cross-country skiing, walking or simply enjoying the sunshine at a rustic mountain hut – only Innsbruck offers such a diverse range of winter experiences.

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Best Honeymoon Destination In World

14 Best Honeymoon Destination In World

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Dreaming of a romantic honeymoon , but the destination is not decided ? Surely, with so many honeymoon destinations across the world, it becomes tough to freeze just one. But if you’re getting hitched at the beginning of the year, this list of Best Honeymoon Destination In World is going to be your savior. So what are you waiting for? Take a look to know what all is in store for you in the glorious treasures of this world for all couples!

14 Best Honeymoon Destination In World

There is a mix of famous and offbeat honeymoon destinations so you get to choose what suits you best. Also, as you read you’ll get to know important information regarding each destination, right from what it’s famous for, to why you must visit this place in 2019.
  • Vietnam: Abundant in natural beauty
  • Madrid: City full of beguiling charm
  • Maldives: A tropical getaway
  • South Africa: For safari destinations
  • Mexico: Land of architectural wonders
  • Bermuda: For pink-sand beaches
  • Philippines: Land of dramatic landscapes
  • Italy: The boot-shaped peninsula
  • Canary Islands: Land with year-round sunny weather
  • France: For fine dine and wine
  • Mauritius: Land of gorgeous beaches
  • Switzerland: Country of ski resorts
  • Sri Lanka: Land of ancient Buddhist ruins
  • Seychelles: Honeymooners paradise

FREE Cancellation On Domestic Flights? = FREE Cancellation On International Flights

FREE Cancellation On Domestic Flights? = FREE Cancellation On International Flights

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FREE Cancellation On Domestic Flights? = FREE Cancellation On International Flights

FREE Cancellation On Domestic Flights? = FREE Cancellation On International Flights

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Seychelles Honeymoon Package Mahe Island

Seychelles Honeymoon Package Mahe Island

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Seychelles Honeymoon Package Mahe Island


Seychelles Honeymoon Package Mahe Island


When you are on Seychelles Honeymoon Package Mahe Island the majority of Seychelles population can be found living on Mahé Island, mostly within the capital city of Victoria.  The mountains filled with jungles and the sandy beaches turn this island into a fascinating destination that offers a large variety of activities.

There are more than sixty beaches for people to choose from on Mahé Island, and while people can be seen lying on the sand, even more are out in the water.  Swimming is quite popular, but many people prefer to venture out to snorkel, dive, and go sea kayaking.  Beau Vallon is the best beach for families with its calm shallow waters, while Grand Anse is worth a stop for surfers.  One of the best snorkeling and diving spots on the island is the Port Launay Marine Reserve.

The Morne Seychellois National Park

The Morne Seychellois National Park is a fantastic place to hike on the island as it contains numerous different types of landscapes.  There are multiple walking trails to take inside the park including the one that leads to the top of the highest peak of Morne Seychellois at 905 meters.

Also, inside the park, visitors will find the SeyTé Tea Factory.  The best time to visit is before noon, because the entire tea-making process can be seen from drying to packing. There are twenty-minute tours available and samples are provided inside the gift shop.

The outdoors does not get any more beautiful than the botanical gardens, which is a ten-minute walk from the center of Victoria. These gardens are full of streams and the main aisle is lined with the infamous coco de mer palms.  While strolling through the gardens, people will also see a spice grove, part of a rain forest filled with fruit bats, and a pen with giant tortoises.

The oldest historic site on the island is the Bel Air Cemetery and some of the most famous people from the island are buried there.  One of the graves holds Charles Dorothée Savy, who was poisoned by his neighbors when he was only fourteen years old.  The reason they killed him was because they were afraid of his height, as he was already nine feet tall.  Others that are buried there include corsair Jean-Francois Hodoul and Pierre-Louis Poiret.

Clock Tower in Victoria

Everyone visiting Mahé Island will think that they are in London for a brief moment when they spot the Clock Tower in Victoria.  Sir Ernest Sweet-Escott, a governor of Seychelles, ordered this clock to be constructed exactly like Big Ben as he was fascinated with London’s clock.

Seychelles Honeymoon Package Mahe Island there is much more to do on Mahé Island than the other two islands in Seychelles, and people will find that they have enough to keep them busy for two weeks or longer.  They will definitely want to make sure that they keep enough free time though, so that they can spend quite a bit of time on the beaches enjoying the beautiful warm weather and the sunshine.

Places to Visit in Seychelles

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Seychelles

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10 Amazing Places to Visit in Seychelles


Are you planning your next vacation? Consider the wonderful Republic of Seychelles. This is the place to be if you want to experience fiery sunsets, green jungles, white sand, and turquoise waters. Below are just some of the many compelling attractions you should take a look at places to visit in Seychelles.


1. Morne Seychellois National Park


Places To Visit In Seychelles

The country’s largest national park, Morne Seychellois National Park covers over 20 percent of the Seychelles’ most populous and biggest island, Mahe. Its mountain chain’s highest point overlooks Victoria, the capital city. Enjoy the spectacular views of the coast, mountain slopes, and tea plantations while hiking one of the trails.

2. Victoria

Places To Visit In Seychelles

This capital city is home to the country’s only seaport. Here, you will find attractions like Freedom Square and Seychelles National Botanical Gardens. Don’t forget to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, Rond-Point de L’independence, the Natural History Museum, and the lively Sir Selwyn Clarke Market.

3. Anse Volbert

Idea for family vacationers, this beach boasts warm and shallow waters that are safe for swimming (even for small children). The shores are lined with many hotels and restaurants.

4. Vallee de Mai National Park

A well preserved prehistoric forest, Vallee de Mai National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to unique flora like giant coco de mer fruit palm and vanilla orchids. It also boasts rare fauna such as fruit pigeons and black parrots (the country’s national bird).

5. Cousin Island

This nature reserve is serves as a habitat and breeding grounds for other fascinating bird species, from magpie robins and turtle doves to fairy terns and brush warblers.

6. Anse Lazio


Places To Visit In Seychelles

Situated in Praslin Island, this picturesque beach has a coral reef perfect for snorkeling opportunities.

7. Aldabra Atoll

Places To Visit In Seychelles

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aldabra is the biggest raised coral atoll in the world. It has a rich avian life and is also the habitat of giant land tortoises.

8. Anse Intendance

Because it does not have a protective reef, Anse Intendance is visited by frequent wild waves and big swells, making it an ideal spot for surfers.

9. Beau Vallon

The alluring Beau Vallon has calm seas and is an excellent spot for water sports.

10. Ste Anne National Marine Park

To truly view the diverse marine life of Seychelles, go on glass-bottom boat excursions, snorkeling, and scuba diving in Ste Anne Island.

Above information will give information about what is Seychelles famous for ?



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Thailand Visa On Arrival Online

5 Steps For Applying Thailand Visa On Arrival Online

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5 Steps For Applying Thailand Visa On Arrival Online


Please find the following information with regards to Thailand Visa on Arrival Online (VOA). By providing this information,

it will help to minimize the wait period at Suvarnabhumi Airport for our esteemed clients.

5 steps for applying Thailand Visa on Arrival Online

1.  Log-on to Thailand Immigration Bureau page.

***(This link will work only with Internet Explorer Web Browser) ***

2. Select the page according to your category (Agents or Passenger) and Complete the form.

Fill-in all required spaces and make sure that all given information is correct (both spelling and data).
At the end of the process, you will receive the Transaction Reference Number

3. Print out the completed form and make sure that the TRN is visible.

4. Fly to Thailand and enjoy best hospitality on-board experience and service.

5. After your arrival, go directly to the Visa on Arrival Counters and submit the printed form.


Thailand Visa On Arrival Online



Thailand Visa Free On Arrival For Indians 


Indian citizens visiting Thailand from 1st May, 2019 to 31st Oct 2019 will get a free visa on arrival for a stay of upto 15 days. Now save approx INR 4400 per person* on visa fees.


Thailand Visa On Arrival OnlineKindly dissipate the information to all your colleagues, corporate and clients who travel to Thailand.

About the extra channel to apply for their Thailand Visa On Arrival Online.


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Travel Guide To Japan

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Japan, Do It Yourself

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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Japan, Do It Yourself !

Japan: the land of Rising Sun

About Japan

If you want to go to Japan, wait till the time is right. Even if you have to wait for a long time, the reason being, Japan isn’t like any other country in the world. You need to have enough time to actually be a little satisfied with your experience. Japan is another planet in a planet. It is like a big joint family living in peace together and having tea; from the traditional grandpa, to highly futuristic tech expert kid. Japan is quirky and offbeat, swaying on its own composed rhythm. Having a reputation for having one of the most distinctive cultures with sui generis traditions, Japan attracts millions of travellers every year. Shinto is the religion of Japan and while no Japanese throw bricks in the name of it, the people of Japan weave many peculiar traditions around it. The Japanese are also known to be one of the most kind and helpful people in the world. Really humble and down-to-earth, the Japanese are known to have one of the most excellent customer services. The Japanese pay respect to each other by bowing, as a way to show their gratitude and delight. Make sure to try everything Japan offers, from its traditional food (edamme, sushi, miso ) to its lifestyle and clothing (Kimono). The country also has a unique eye with which it constructs stories and movies. All the anime and Manga fans would agree to that. There are Manga fans all over the world with Japan in their top five countries to visit. I hope you get to have the proper Japanese experience, wearing a Kimono, and sitting on the Tatami at a traditional restaurant, drinking tea, else being able to witness a sumo wrestling match and other authentic things which I will mention below…


Flight Details



-All Nippon Airways ANA (56, 283)

Delhi- Narita International Airport Tokyo (Round trip)

1st April

1:10 am – 12:35 pm

13th April

17:30 pm – 23:45 pm

Travel Guide To Japan

Here are the things you should know before you step in the land of Rising Sun.

  • Transportation

Japan is known to have one of the most sophisticated and comfortable transportation system. All the train lovers, attention attention!!! We can finally satisfy Sheldon Cooper I guess.

Trains are the best way but an expensive way to travel in Japan. Buy a JR pass depending on the no. Of days you are visiting Japan. The pass comes for, 7 days, 14 days and 21 days. The pass gives access to all of the trains including limited express, express, rapid, local, most shikansen (bullet train) lines, the ferry to Miyajima island, monorail to and from Haneda Airport and some local buses. The Green Car option, while a bit more expensive is JR’s version of first class. You HAVE to purchase the pass before entering the country because once you arrive; there is no option at all. Once you purchase the pass, you will receive a voucher via your mail which you would have to exchange upon your arrival at Japan at a JR ticket booth at the station.

Japan Rail Pass

Type Ordinary Green Car
7 consecutive days 29,110 yen 38,880 yen
14 consecutive days 46,390 yen 62,950 yen
21 consecutive days 59,350 yen 81,870 yen

Reduced rates (50% off) apply to children aged 6-11.

To save more money you can even get a Japan Bus pass, if you don’t mind sleeping in bus overnight. You can get a 3-day, 5-day and 7-day pass.

  • Best time to visit Japan is Spring (March-May)

Cherry Blossoms and lots of festivals

Another best time is autumn (September- November)

Colourful environment and fewer crowds.

  • You should be aware of the GOLDEN WEEK, during spring season in Japan, made up of four national Holidays and which falls in 7 days span. It would be extremely crowded so bookings should be done in advance.
  • 1 rs= 1.55 yen
  • Getting in or around Tokyo, either you can walk, bicycle or you should buy a prepaid IC card available in subway stations. There are two types, Suica and Pasmo that you can charge up with credit. You can even get the IC cards at Airports and after you have used up the initial credit, you can top them up using any of the machines at any station.
  • A note about Kyoto’s public transportation: Unlike Tokyo, Kyoto relies on large public buses.
  • If you decide to travel by public transport, first you should carry an unlimited capacity Wifi transmitter to look up information and find the way
  • Passes: Fuji Hakone Paas

The Fuji Hakone Pass is a discount pass for exclusive use by non-Japanese passport holders. It provides unlimited use of designated buses, trains, boats, cablecars and ropeways in the Hakone and the Fuji Five Lake areas and discounted admission to selected tourist attractions on three consecutive days. It optionally also includes a one-way ticket for Odakyu Railway trains between Tokyo and Hakone and a one-way ticket for a highway bus between Tokyo and the Fuji Five Lakes.

Fuji Hakone Pass
From Shinjuku (including round trip) 8,000 Yen
From Odawara (without round trip) 5,650 Yen
Reduced rates (50% off) apply for children aged 6-11.

The map below shows the train, cablecar, ropeway, boat and major bus lines to be used for the round trip and within the free area of the Hakone Free Pass:

  • The round trip is to be done by Odakyu Railways between Shinjuku and Odawara and by Fujikyu/Keio highway bus between Kawaguchiko Station and Shinjuku. You have to use the train for one of the two journeys and the bus for the other.
  • Between Shinjuku and Odawara, you may use local or express trains; however, if using a Romance Car train, a supplement fee of 1090 yen has to be paid.
  • Between Shinjuku and Lake Kawaguchiko, free seat reservations have to be made in advance of boarding for the highway bus.
  • It is not possible to get off at stations between your departure station and the free area.
    • Passes purchased at Odawara Station do not cover the train trip between Tokyo and Hakone and the highway bus ride between Tokyo and the Fuji Five Lakes.
    • Unlimited use of the Hakone Tozan Railway(Odawara-Gora), the cablecar and ropeway from Gora to Lake Ashinoko, sightseeing ships on Lake Ashinoko and many buses in the Hakone area, including Hakone Tozan buses and the Odakyu bus between Togendai and Gotemba.
    • Unlimited use of Fujikyu buses between Gotemba and the Fuji Five Lake regionand between Gotemba, Gotemba 5th StationYeti and Grinpa.
    • Unlimited use of the Fujikyuko Railway Line between Kawaguchiko Station and Shimoyoshida Station and of regular Fujikyu buses in the Fuji Five Lake region, including the retro buses around Lake Kawaguchikoand Lake Saiko (but not including the bus to the 5th Station).

You can get the paas at Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center at Shinjuku Station in central Tokyo and Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center at Odawara Station.

  • Make sure that your accommodation is near centrally located train stations, since you will be travelling a lot and it gets easier for the day trips.


You will be living in

Tokyo, Kawaguchiko and Kyoto.


–     Luxury- Grand Hyatt Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel, The Peninsula

  • Mid Price- Hotel Century Southern Tower, Shibuya excel Hotel, Prince Park
  • Budget: Shibuya Tokyo Rei Hotel, Cerulean Tower Tokyo


– Luxury: Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Regency Kyoto

  • Mid Price: Citadines Karasuma, Kyoto Century Hotel
  • Budget: Guest house Soi, Hotel Gran MS, Kyoto Hana Hotel

Lake Kawaguchiko

  • Luxury: Lavista Fuji kawaguchiko, Onsenji Yumedono Ryokan, Hoshinoya Fuji
  • Budget: Maruei, Kawaguchiko Lake side hotel, Hotel new century

Travel Guide To Japan Itinerary

Travel Guide To Japan Day 1 to 3

Travel Guide To Japan

Tokyo: Tokyo is the kind of place that one would need a lifetime to unravel. And since you have a very limited time, you have a lot to look out for. Tokyo appears like a family where the old traditional grandpa and the futuristic tech expert kid have the morning tea together. From Temples and palaces to hip clubs, bars restaurants, shopping complexes, everything is there in Tokyo, enough that when you come back from your day’s sightseeing, your eyes would be so tired and you would directly head for your bed.

Amazing things to look out for in Tokyo

West Tokyo (Day 2) Shibuya-ku: Shibuya is the shopping and entertainment district and exactly like what you saw in Lost in Translation. Hullabaloos of people going here and there and mesmerising neon signs will leave you astound. The vibe around will be so lit, considering the energy around, Shibuya has to be on the list when you visit Tokyo.

  • Hanamaru : a fast casual udon chain, quite budget friendly and delicious.
  • Hachiko Memorial statue: The world’s most loyal dog
  • Shibuya scramble: world’s busiest pedestrian intersection. Thousands of people scramble at a crossing from all the directions at once.
  • 100 yen shops
  • Genki Sushi
  • Tokyo hands
  • Shibuya 109

Harajuku : A popular shopping neighbourhood, a hub of Japanese pop culture.

  • Yoyogi park
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Takeshita Street
  • Kiddy land and line
  • Tokyo Plaza

Shinjuku: The largest neighbourhood in Japan, it captures the modern essence of Tokyo

  • Japanese street food
  • Shunjuku Gyoen
  • Shinjuku Golden Gai
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Building: just to look at the Tokyo city, best do it at evening or night.
  • Red District: Kabukicho, Asia’s largest entertainment District
  • Don Quixote
  • Piss alley

East Tokyo (Day 3): (If you’re staying in Shibuya, you’ll need to take the train from Shibuya Station to Asakusa Station (35-45 min on train) via the JR Yamanote Line to Ginza or Asakusa Line. Make sure to purchase single tickets – do NOT activate your JR pass yet!)

Asakusa: Spiritual heart of Tokyo

  • Kaminarimon gate
  • Nakamise Dori
  • Sensoji temple

Ueno park: A large Park, in central Tokyo and another amazing spot for Cherry blossom spot

Here are a lot of museums and temples to visit.

  • Museums: Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo Metropolitan art museum, National Science Museum, Shitamachi Museum
  • Temples and shrines: Ueno Kaneji Temple, Kiyomizu Kannon Temple, Toshogu Shrine,
  • Cherry Blossom festival
  • Shinobazu pond
  • Ueno Zoo
  • University of Tokyo

Akihabara: The tech spot of Tokyo, it is a go-to place for all anime and Manga lovers.

  • Maid Cafe
  • Shop: Yodobashi Camera, Mandarake Akihabara, Cospa gee
  • Gundam cafe
  • AKB48
  • Tokyo anime centre
  • Kanda Myojin shrine

Travel Guide To Japan Day 4: Day trip From Tokyo

Travel Guide To Japan

Kamakura: Time to get out of the city and enjoy a little country while you are in it. With the perfect blend of spirituality and the seaside air, the view in Kamakura is extremely stunning and picturesque. Here you can enjoy many temples and shrines and try the mouth-tasting street food while you don’t forget to relax in the traditional Japanese tea house and take a Zen- break.

Once a great fortress town and a capital and significant political centre, it is now full of the shadows of past seen in the quaint shopping streets, shrines and temples. Here a peaceful stroll at beach, after a full day sightseeing can relax your whole body and mind.

You can reach Kamakura by train using the JR Yokosuka line from Tokyo station

and back to Tokyo via same.

Things to do in Kamakura

  • Daibutsu Great Buddha
  • Engakuji temple
  • Tsurugaoka- Hachiman-gu shrine
  • Relax at the beach
  • Tenen Hiking Trail

Travel Guide To Japan Day 5 and 6 Day Trip from Tokyo

Mt Fuji 

Travel Guide To Japan

*(You can also take the Fuji Hakone Pass)

Stay around Lake kawaguchiko station, to leave in the morning for Hakone.

Mt Fuji is one of the most popular spot of course because Mt fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. The 3776m high icon of Japan attracts millions of people from different countries every year. Lake Kawaguchiko is the gateway to Mount Fuji. It’s not a surprise that it’s also a Cultural Site on the UNESCO’S World Heritage List. In Japanese the mountain is called Fuji-san.

There are five lakes around Fuji-san, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Saiko, Lake Motosu and Lake Shoji.

Travelling from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchi there are many ways.

By bus:

Travel through a highway bus from Shinjuku station to Kawaguchi lake

Fujikyu and Keio Bus operate one to two direct buses per hour between the Shinjuku Bus Terminal in Tokyo and Kawaguchiko Station in the Fuji Five Lakes region.The one way journey takes just under two hours and costs 1750 yen. Then take a 50-minute bus trip to the Station No.5-Muji Subaru Line costing ¥1,540. Most buses stop at Fujisan Station and Fuji Q Highland before arriving at Kawaguchiko Station and many of them continue on to Lake Yamanakako (just over two hours, 2050 yen one way from Shinjuku). The Japan Rail Pass is not valid on these buses.

By bus from Shibuya Station

Fujikyu operates approximately one bus every two hours between Shibuya (Mark City), Fuji Q Highland, Kawaguchiko Station and Fujisan Station. The one way journey takes 2 to 2.5 hours and costs 1800 yen. The Japan Rail Pass is not valid on these buses.

By train

Travel Guide To Japan

Take the JR Chuo Line from Tokyo‘s Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station (70 minutes, about 2500 yen by direct limited express train or 100 minutes, 1320 yen by local trains with usually one transfer along the way). From Otsuki, take the Fujikyu Railway Line to Kawaguchiko Station (55 minutes, 1140 yen one way). The JR Tokyo Wide Pass covers the entire journey (except panorama seats on limited express trains); however, the Japan Rail Pass and other JR passes are not valid between Otsuki and Kawaguchiko.

You can also book a guided day trip by bus. Also You should note that at Kawaguchiko station there is only 1 bus after every hour.

How to get around Mount Fuji

Now, to do all the five lakes in one day isn’t possible, because you wont be able to enjoy even one properly and it will be all too cramped.

This itinerary will include

  • Station no. 5: (Fuji Subaru Line) Station no.5 is the highest station the bus can reach, and though you may not get a complete view of the mountain from this close, you will feel like a new day, refreshed and awake. This station is for those who do not want to climb the mountain. Also before the tourists go o the 5th station, they usually and are expected to visit the Murayama Sengen Jinja temple because Japanese people believe that Mt Fuji is a sacred mountain firmly connected to God. It is believed that those who visit the temple will get good things in life.
  • Lake Kawaguchiko: Most easily accessible of the five lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko provides for an excellent view for the great mountain. The view is especially breathtaking during Cherry blossom season and when leaves turn in colours of red. One of the nicest spots for cherry blossoms is the seaside promenade near the Kawaguchiko Music Forest.

Apart from the stupendous view of Mount Fuji, there are various museums and park which stands up their own uniqueness. A stroll around the town would be another new experience for you.

  • Chureito Pagoda: Chureito Pagoda is part of the Arakurayama Sengen Shrine. To get to Cheureito Pagoda, from Lake Kawaguchiko, take a train from Kawaguchiko station to Shimoyoshida Station which takes approx 10 minutes and costs 3 euros per ticket. From there you can easily walk to Cheurito Pagoda. People here especially go for the picture perfect scene of the pagoda, the city behind and standing tall behind it, Mount Fuji.
  • Fuji Shibazakura Festival: About 800,000 Shibazakura, bloom in an expansive site at the base of the Mount Fuji. A festival of flowers, Pink never looked so best before.

Entrance fees: Individuals, adults- 600 yen; Group, adults- 500 yen

Individuals, Children- 250 yen, Group, Children- 200 yen

Shibazakura Liner shuttle bus

A shuttle bus, called the Shibazakura Liner, connects Kawaguchiko Station and the Fuji Shibazakura Festival’s venue (30 minutes, 1-2 departures per hour) during the festival period. A 2000 yen ticket includes the round trip and the admission fee.

By regular bus

There is one regular bus every 1-2 hours between Fujisan Station, Kawaguchiko Station, Lake Motosuko and Shin-Fuji Station. During the festival period, some of these buses make a stop outside the festival venue at the Fuji Shibazakura Iriguchi bus stop. The ride takes 50 minutes and costs 1230 yen from Kawaguchiko Station, or 75 minutes and 1710 yen from Shin-Fuji Station.

  • Lake Motosu: Western most lake of Mount Fuji, Lake motosu, the most natural and underdeveloped provides another excellent view of Mount fuji. It is just 3 kms from Shibazakura Festival, so you can also walk till there. Take the bus back to Kawaguchiko Station to From Shibazakua.
  • Fuji q Highland Amusement Park (Fujiyoshida): There is nothing as much fun as a Japanese amusement park, with exotic rides and thrill. Fuji q Highland Amusement is a classic thrilling experience and should not be missed at all.

Day 7- Hakone

I recommend taking a bus from Kawaguchiko to the Gotemba Outlet and then a bus from the outlet to Gora (hourly departures). There are coin lockers at Gora station where you can keep your luggage. Depart for Kyoto at night itself.

Hakone is a mountainous town famous for serene onsens (hot springs), a time of their live for art- lovers at world class art museums and how can I forget, Mount Fuji!! Though you need to lucky to be able to see it as it is almost always covered in clouds but It is always worth the shot. Crystal clear rivers running down the mountain, through the town, traditional Japanese houses situated in the hills and cobblestoned path would make you feel at home and to this extent that you would never want to leave the place.

  • Hakone onsen
  • Hakone shrine
  • Lake ashinoko
  • Hike to owakudini
  • Old tokaido road
  • Hakone Ryokan
  • Lake ashi
  • Hakone ropeway
  • Open air museum

Day 7(Reach at day 7 around night), 8 and 9: Kyoto

Travel Guide To Japan

Take a train from Gora Station to Odawara from where you can take the Shikansen (Bullet train) to Kyoto.

Once in Kyoto, the JR pass works on some trains, but for the two subway lines – Tozai and Karasuma – you need a different ticket. If you buy a ticket for one, it can’t be used on the other, unless you buy a day pass. The bus network is also good and useful forgetting to places such as the Kinkaku-ji Temple.

Passes for both the bus and subway cost ¥1,200 for one day and ¥2,00 for two days.

Kyoto is the cultural Capital of Japan; make sure you have enough memory in your camera because Kyoto is so photogenic that you might need one or two extra memory cards. One can spend many -many days without getting bored. Kyoto has over 2000 temples and so many gardens that it would take years to see them all. Tokyo is the future mind and Kyoto is the ancient heart that keeps the tradition alive. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some geisha walking to their secret rendezvous.

  • (Famous temples, shrines and wandering)

Travel Guide To Japan Day 10

Day trip to Nara and back to Kyoto:

Head to Nara from Kyoto Station (via JR Nara Line – roughly 1 hour on the express train).

Nara is an ex-Capital of Japan, well way ancient ex and here you will get to dwell in the unique past of Japan. Here, colossal Buddhist temples and intricate Shinto shrines survived the ages as a testament to its former glory. Hence the UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. It is a peaceful and relaxing place and no person in his right mind would skip Nara. Again here are a lot of temples and shrines.

The main attractions are

  • Todai ji temple
  • The sacred deer of Nara park
  • Kasuga- Taisha
  • Horyu-ji temple
  • Nara National Museum

Travel Guide To Japan Day 11

Day trip to Himeji and back to Kyoto:

Shinkansen: Kyoto and Himeji are connected via the JR Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen. With the Hikari shinkansen, the journey takes 55 minutes (you can use your Japan Rail Pass if you have one). Nozomi trains take 45 minutes (but you cannot use the Japan Rail Pass).

JR Special Rapid Train: Local trains take 90 minutes on JR Special Rapid Trains (Shin-kaisoku).

Once in Himeji, exit the north side of the Himeji Station. Walk approximately 1 km on Otemae-dori Street to the castle. If you are not up for walking, hire a taxi or take the local bus from the train station.


The Himeji Castle is the most popular attraction in this area, and if you have seen The last Samurai, well I need not say the rest. Himeji Castle is the largest, most visited castle in Japan. It started off as a fort in 1333, and has proven to be a survivor after world war 2. The castle is really beautiful and worth visiting.

Entrance Fee
  • Adults: ¥1000
  • Students: ¥300
  • 9 am to 5 pm; last entry at 4 pm
  • During the summer (April 27 – August 31): 9 am to 6 pm; last entry at 5 pm

Travel Guide To Japan Day 12

Hiroshima and Miyajima and back to Kyoto

Take a Bullet train, out of Kyoto station and you will reach Miyajima, in 3 hours. From Miyajima station, hop on the ferry, that will take you to Miyajima Island. All included in your JR pass.

Miyajima or Itsukushima is an island where it is believed God dwells and the whole place is spiritualised. At night the whole shrine lights up and it feels like heaven. And also since it is the “city of god” there would be of course temples and shrines( LOL).

Head straight to Tori Gate, also the floating shrine. Take the Miyajima Ropeway (15 minutes, $17 roundtrip) for better-than-great views of the whole area from the top of Mt. Misen.  There’s a bus at the base of Miyajima Island which will take you to the ropeway station fo’ free as well

Take the ferry back to Miyajimaguchi Station, then the JR train to Hiroshima.  Note that you’ll need to either take a tram or buy a Hiroshima Sightseeing Hop-On, Hop-Off Loop Bus “Meipuru-pu” to get around in Hiroshima super easily – which is free of cost for JR pass users.


Travel Guide To Japan

An important Historic site, because of the World War 2 obviously, Hiroshima is another city worth visiting, either to pay respects to the past or witness the rebirth of the city which was once considered impossible, either ways this city has a lot to offer.

Take a sightseeing bus to Hiroshima Castle, and then to the area with the A-Bomb Dome, Children’s Peace Monument, and Peace Memorial Museum and Park.

Take a bullet train, to get back to Kyoto.

Travel Guide To Japan Day 13

Travel Guide To Japan

Take the shikansen from Kyoto, back to Tokyo to catch your flight.